domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2008

Clone Defects - shapes of venus (2003)

In a world filled with Big Apple bands that wanted to sound like they were from Detroit, Clone Defects are a Motown menagerie that seem hell-bent on making everyone think that they, like the bumper stickers instruct, heart New York -- the New York Dolls, to put a fine point on it. Vocalist Timmy Vulgar emotes haphazardously tales of love lost (you can bet he believes that it comes in spurts and hurts), while the band lurches along like punky junkies presenting junky punk. Clone Defects come off like the Strokes without the ambition, connections, and aesthetic allure -- and yeah, the songs too. But their hearts (like the Heartbreakers) are in the right place.

By Allmusic

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