miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2008

Coachwhips - hands on the controls (2002)

Known for their raw, primal, stripped-down approach, Coachwhips have epitomized rock & roll at its most basic. Their infectious, riff-driven recordings of the 2000s have combined garage rock with punk and alternative rock; however, the San Francisco-based trio is quite different from the neo-garage bands that have come from the New York scene (especially Brooklyn) in the 21st century. New York-based neo-garage bands like the Strokes and the Blam have had more of a power pop outlook -- their work, although rockin', is melodic and tuneful, whereas Coachwhips are noisy and distorted. Coachwhips get some of their inspiration from the '60s output of the Kinks and the Rolling Stones...

By Allmusic

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